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Alphabiotoxine Laboratory is a company specialized in the production and distribution of venoms and purified toxins for research and pharmaceutical industry.

Inspired by existing methods, we work hard on the development of techniques for venom extraction and processing.

Created in 2009, the company claims, however, more than 20 years of experience in the study of venomous animals and the area of venom production on an industrial scale.


The venoms that we offer are manufactured in our laboratories. The extraction is done using methods respectful of animal welfare. Anaesthesia and use of electrical stimulants are sometimes necessary but do not affect in any way the health of the animal or the quality of the venom.


Venoms are harvested as appropriate, dried, crystallized in vacuum or lyophilized. Purification treatments are sometimes applied when necessary.

Venoms and other products from protected species, (local regulations, Convention of Bern, Washington Convention…) are produced and distributed following permits granted by competent authorities.


Alphabiotoxine also offers contracts for housing and milking of animals. In this case, the animals and venoms are property of the customer and Alphabiotoxine invoices the maintenance and handling.


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