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Ancre 1
  • Protobrothrops (Zhaoermia) mangshanensis

For the first time available !!! Pit viper from China. Exceptionally rare.

  • Laticauda colubrina

Sea krait – Sea snake.

  • Conus textile

  • Conus marmoreus

  • Conus virgo

  • Conus vexilum

  • Conus imperialis

  • Scolopendra dehaani

  • Synanceia verrucosa

  • Octopus macropus

  • Hapalochlaena lunulata (Sur demande)

  • Wonderpus photogenicus (Sur demande)

  • Pterois volitans (Sur demande)  

Be carefull : Some products available in very small quantity.

Other venoms and biocompounds are actually in production and will be available in the near future.


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